Statistics 2020 are available

Better late than never.
we have the statistics ready for you. And have some interesting things for you.
Here is a little news-trigger to make you curious.

In 2020 was 237 players from 28 countries played with 1266 decks.

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Hello together...

short news for all of you. I must change the cookie consent manager and so you have to give the permission to use cookies.

If you do not allow us to use cookies some services will not work completely. But the page itself should work.

When you find some problems, then please no hesitate to contact me.

VTES Online World Championship 2020

Today continue Europe zone in 20:30 CET,pls everyone read,we need to ask to everyone online players register in hook page and connect his user profile with player profile,in text we explain all:
We have to inform you about some changes, we will do in the next steps.
And therefore we need your cooperation.
In the past, we had some problems to identify single users or get in contact with them. (Switching Lackey names, misspelling Lackey names or emails)
And so we decided, that we need some unique personal data from all players who want to participate in the online ranking and online championship to get unique contacts. (eG. Name, VEKN and Email)
But to get, data like this, this is not an easy task today.
There is some regulation, that doesn't allow us to do this for you, by calling. (GDPR (For Eu citizens) and CCPA (US-California citizens) and some other not specified).
But we need to ask every player who participates in online events and especially the current VTES Online World Championship league to make register on hook page:
And connect his user name with his player name.
So every player register with a real name needs to have his user name, vekn ID, and need to connect with his player name. AND (that is important for communication and some price supports) allow us to share game details and your contact data with BCP! Without this permission, you can't participate in some special Events with price support from BCP. (Or other stuff that will be supported by BCP. If you are not interested you can participate at the event but your name will not be submitted to BCP and you can't get any prize-support from BCP)
After registration, every player needs to find his player name on the hook page (please choose the same name as lackey name). Then connect your user profile with your player profile, check if your country also.
This video can help, because oft he GDPR is a matching and account creation with „publishing“ of data not so easy:
If you can't find your name or have problems please contact Kai (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or discord id => blackkowl#7655) or Igor (discord id=> Beslin Igor#6550)
Normally your name should be found in a List at the bottom of your "User Control Panel" (UCP). Please check there, your vekn number also!
Important to all already registered players, we will send one login reminder to all of you who are already registered at vtes-hook. Because we want to make sure. That you have entered your correct data and connected your account and set the correct vekn number.
If you are not interested, please ignore it or ask to cancel your user account.
Also important to all of you who are already or will register:
Always when publishing any results from the hook page we will publish it with hook/lackey name, your real names don't be published or shared with "not permitted" other third party's. (except for people who use real names in lackey (by himself).
If you want to change your Lackey name (at hook page) please contact Igor or Kai).
We are sorry that we have to do that, but otherwise, it is not possible to manage those events.
Many thanks for your cooperation.
Stay safe and healthy.

Winners online competions

    Winners online competions      
      World Continent League tournament total event total days
      champion champion winer winer wins N1 in WR
Gerhard Breytenbach         1 1  
Thiago Nespoli       1   1  
Igor Beslin        1 2 3  
Martin Schumacher         1 1  
Marius Iscru       2 1 3 44
Angelo Alvisi         1 1  
Bram van Stappen       1   1 52
Adam  Hulse       2   2  
Ke Carlton   1       1  
Dealan Sansen         1 1  
Martin Weinmayer       2   2 372
Jerome Goyet         1 1  
Lauri Salmi       1   1  
Boris Mailhe       1   1  
Teemu Pulkkinen       1   1  
Antti Penttilä       1   1  
Rudolf Scholz       2  1 3  146
Fernando Lima         1 1  
Eric Leal       1   1  
Michal Bogudziński         1 1  
Milutin  Melka   1       1  
Marcin Krom       1   1  
Miki Monedero        1 1 2  
Joab Rogeiro         5 5  
Joscha Dull         1 1  
Nikica Novakovic         1 1  
Nikolaj Wendt         1 1  
Desso Alastor         1 1  
Lionel Panhaleux         1 1  
Juan Oyarce         1 1  
Jens Niemann       1   1  
Jay Kristoff         1 1  
Julio Garcia Martin         2 2  
Alejandro Rodriguez         1 1  
arnau Diez Sans         1 1  

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