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Website feedbacks

11 months 1 week ago #3 by lionelpx
Website feedbacks was created by lionelpx

I just created an account on the website, and I have multiple feedbacks to provide.
I find this site is a wonderful idea and an kudos all for the great job - I share these feedbacks in a spirit of helping as much as possible, do not see them as critics and feel free to ignore any of them ;-)

1. Account creation
Account creation is a bit hard. I feel :
  • There is no need for two "name" fields, just a "name or nickname" field is okay.
  • VEKN ID should not be mandatory.
  • e-mail should not have a confirmation field.
  • Captcha does not display well on a mobile phone (cropped), this prevents account creation.
  • The password should not be stored in clear on the server side: it should be hashed on the client side.
  • The password should not appear in the confirmation e-mail. This marks the e-mail as spam.

2. Statistics
  • Being able to create one own's event with no restriction to "Primogen" would be more open. Right now, this feels a bit like a close community - it would be understandable if event creation was restricted to official VEKN titles (Prince, NC), but this is not the case, the "Primogen" level just includes this website maintainers and their friends.
  • At least people should be able to create their own private events and statistics without "Primogen" level.
  • Being able to play around with the statistics would be a real plus (see feature ideas)

3. Site map
I feel the site is a bit too complex, like it's trying to do everything at once. It could focus on events, ranking and statistics. Couple of thoughts:
  • TS3 server could be replaced by a link to one of the active Discord servers
  • Forum could be replaced by a link to a dedicated section in VEKN forums
  • News could be removed, e-mails can be used with opt-out
  • The background picture could be removed
  • The "change layout" option could be removed
  • The captcha for forum post seems superfluous: you already need to be logged in, and logging in requires captcha and e-mail confirmation.

3. Feature idea: Grouping
An interface to create one own's classification (archetypes grouping) would be nice. This would let the users play a bit with the statistics, something I'd love to do, like: "If I put all Ventrue and !Ventrue grinders together and all MMPA together, do they outnumber allies-based Neph+Emerald Legion" ? Are toolboxes more successful than S&B nowadays ?

4. Feature idea: API
A programmatic interface to get access to the data would be awesome, it would let people build upon this awesome stone here.

5. Feature idea: Open source
Open-sourcing the code on Github or a similar platform would let the users propose issues and contribute with PRs and such. It can also increase the confidence of the community and officials (VEKN, BCP) about the robustness of this site: if it's open-source, it can be forked and continued if needed, where on the other hand, we have a bad history with closed source community tools we relied a bit too much open (like secret library).
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9 months 2 weeks ago #4 by blackkn8-admin
Replied by blackkn8-admin on topic Website feedbacks
Hi Lionelpx,
sorry for my delayed response.
But many thanks to you and your feedback. There are a lot of good points that I will take with me.

I will explain why I decide to do something you see now because I have no better solution or in my opinion, it was the best way.
1. Account creation
As important information, the password is NOT stored clear in the database! The password is hashed with a salt.
But you are right, submitting the password by email is maybe not a good idea. I will change this. Good Point!

I will work for a better position of ReCaptcha many thanks.

The email confirmation field, hmm okay I will think about it. (Was suggested by cms ;-) )

The VEKN Number is a "problem" I want VTES Player as a target group, so normally all Users should have one. And if not you can enter "0000000" that should also be set as a note.
But the reason, why I want to have the vekn number is, that I can guarantee that I have unique users. Who are can be identified once, and can also only be found once in the database. And in some cases, some users would like to have an interface to vekn.net. So I have my "bridge" to this page.

The problem, I saw in the past, was that the system is a bit complicated. And I don't want to have a lot of wrong or bad events are entered in the system.
So you have right that is a closed "group" because the only persons who get an introduction will have access to the system.
My idea was to get better quality for data.

The second (and maybe more important) problem is the GDPR, and this site collects a ton of data! And I will make sure, that everybody knows what he will do. Because if an event Manager inserts real names without permissions, I'm the person who is responsible for fails on this page. And I'm not interested to get post from lawyers. ;-)

3. Site Map
Ok, you get me.
Yes, I tried to have a solution for everything... But I will go back to focus on the site.
TS3 was my favorite communication. But I understand "now" that the community would like to use Discord...so I will support Discord too ;-).

This Forum, was an idea to bring people like you to the idea to give ma any kind of feedback. But you and Igor are the once persons who gave me. But maybe I should link it as you said.

News should be in use, call me old schooled but I like the concept. ;-) But will think about adding an opt-in newsletter...

Change layout will be removed... just a little playground from out of the past ^^.

The recaptcha is in use for logged-in user? That should not be... thanks for this. ;-)

3.1. Feature idea: Grouping
Interesting idea, will think about it and will play around with this. Thank you

4. API
That is indeed a good point... And today it should be a standard ^^.
(I will make me a note for this ;-) )

Feature idea: Open source
At this time I'm working on it to bring it to a git.

Many thanks for your kindly supply. If you have any kind of topics..please contact me. MANY THANKS
9 months 2 weeks ago #5 by lionelpx
Replied by lionelpx on topic Website feedbacks

Thank for the detailed answer ! It makes a lot of sense.
Glad I could ne of help ☺︎ If you ever open source the site, do not hesitate to reach out, I'm not a great web developer, but I'll try to provide any help I can.

Love the site and hope it grows in the future ☺︎
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9 months 2 weeks ago #6 by lionelpx
Replied by lionelpx on topic Website feedbacks
Quick additional feedback : I'm not sure the sort works in the data tables.
For examples, players are not in decreasing rank when I check the World rankings page. It seems like the issue is the same on every table.
9 months 2 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #7 by blackkn8-admin
Replied by blackkn8-admin on topic Website feedbacks
Sadly the sorting function is only at the " List all Events " overview available. But I will publish it to other lists, too. (Where it make sense :-D . And if I get some free time )

Sorry misunderstood you... the data who is responsible for the decreasing rank is "ratingpoints". And by checking World Ranking The Players have a decreasing ordering. Can you submit maybe a screenshot where you found it?

Many thanks
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9 months 2 weeks ago #8 by lionelpx
Replied by lionelpx on topic Website feedbacks
Oh, Ranking statistics are sorted OK, I see.
It's the Statistic > World ranking statistics that are not. It was the first thing I clicked ☺︎

Another completely separated issue, I don't seem to be able to link my player (phoenix) to my account profile. The player does not appear in the list (in the account profile details), but I'm not sure why...
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